How to become ENGIE Mobisol Customer

You can follow this steps to be a ENGIE Mobisol Customer

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Step 1
Call Toll-Free support : 0800 755 000

Contact our free customer care hotline: 0800 755 000 (or your nearest ENGIE Mobisol Shop)

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Step 2
Fills in Application form

The telesales team (or sales representative at the Shop) fills in your Application Form.

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Step 3
Confirmation SMS

You receive a confirmation SMS.

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Step 4
Application Interview

ENGIE Mobisol officer calls for a short Application Interview via phone.

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Step 5
Confirmation SMS

You receive a SMS confirming your eligibility & payment number. You will be asked to pick up your system from the nearest ENGIE Mobisol Shop.

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Step 6
Bring your ID

You bring your ID (passport, voters ID, driver licence or introduction letter of village chairman) and the amount of the down payment.

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Step 7
Pickup your ENGIE Mobisol System

You pick up your ENGIE Mobisol system from your nearest ENGIE Mobisol shop.

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Step 8
Installation technician

Your installation technician will come to your house and install your system at a time agreed with you.

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Step 9
Enjoy clean and reliable energy

You enjoy clean and reliable8 energy directly from the sun!

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