ENGIE Mobisol Affordable access to energy solutions.

Sola bora, maisha bora.

Our solar systems provide a reliable and cost effective alternative to the grid, ensuring easy accessibility through seamless PAYG integration.

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“We strongly believe in the huge potential of the off-grid electrification sector and ENGIE Mobisol’s pioneering role. We are keen to offer the best quality Access to Energy solutions that address our customers’ needs.” YOVEN MOOROOVEN / CEO ENGIE AFRICA

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Explore our products

ENGIE Mobisol develops innovative off-grid solar solutions for home and businesses with high quality products engineered and tested in Germany. We continue to offer greatest values;

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Solar home systems

High-quality large solar systems for home or business ranging from 40W to 200W.

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Productive use appliances and entertainment products tailored for off-grid use conditions.

ENGIE Mobisol does more than just sell more solar systems.

ENGIE Mobisol is one of the world’s leaders in decentralized solar electrification and PAYG (pay-as-you-go) technologies by installed capacity.

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    Extensive experience and hands on support
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    Experts in vertically integrated value chains
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    Large network of business partners worldwide
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    Quality products engineered and tested in Germany
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    Paygee suite of powerful PAYG tool and App.
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    Highly skilled, motivated and experienced team
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ENGIE Mobisol system Bundles

We will make sure we build everything you need from now on

80W Bundles
Starting from
Tsh. 3,800/ Per day
Tsh. 66,000/ Per month
    80W solar panel
    50Ah battery
    3x Light sets of 2W output
    4 Years warranty
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200W Bundles
Starting from
Tsh. 3,900/ Per day
Tsh. 117,000/ Per month
    200W solar panel
    100Ah battery
    3x Light sets of 2W output
    4 years system warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

To become ENGIE Mobisol customer, you can either pay your solar system in cash or follow these easy steps to conveniently pay off your system in instalments.
Become Mobisol customer

Payments are made easily via Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa or M-Pesa: Just follow this step by step guide for how to make ENGIE Mobisol payments via
Mpesa, Tigo Pesa or Airtel Money

No need to worry: ENGIE Mobisol understands that there are times in which financial difficulties can arise. Consequently we grant you 30 days per year without being blamed, in order to allow you to manage your financial challenges.

Yes! ENGIE Mobisol likes to empower: You are encouraged to become an entrepreneur, for example by charging your neighbors’ phones or using our large TV for public live football match streaming. As well as this, we reward those recommending our system and services through a TSH 15,000/= commission for every new customer who made their purchase decision based on your recommendation.

In case your Solar Home System is not working, you can call our customer service team free of charge via 0800 755 000. In the rare occasion your problem cannot be solved immediately, we will arrange an appointment with one of our technicians, who will come by your home and take care of the necessary repair steps, free of charge for the period of your warranty

Yes. It‘s easy:
1) Contact ENGIE Mobisol using our toll-free number or contacting one of our Sales Agents.
2) ENGIE Mobisol will check your financial means for qualification for the new system.
3) After being accepted, you will pay a system swap fee of TSh 65,000 and a discounted down payment.
4) Your new contract is signed and handed over at the ENGIE Mobisol Shop.
5) Head over to the closest ENGIE Mobisol Shop to get your new system.

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Find out more about our products and services as well as the ENGIE Mobisol community.
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Technical Support

Use our dedicated support email to send your issues or suggestions. We are here to help anytime as long as your warranty last and beyond: 0800 755 000